Sa-OR-S137-3 - Networking And Job Crafting In The Work-Life Interface: Insights From A Diary And Panel Study

Work-family balance
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Saturday May 20   12:00 PM to 12:15 PM (15 minutes)
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Work-Life Interface
Work-family balance
Networking and Job Crafting in the Work-Life Interface: Insights from a Diary and Panel Study
F. Baumeler 1,*, A. Hirschi 1
1Work and Organizational Psychology, University of Bern, Bern, Switzerland
Content: Purpose
Our study aims to shed light on the relationship of job crafting, networking, and the work-nonwork interface. We examined effects of networking and job crafting on work enhancement and work interference with personal life on a daily level as well as over several months. We also investigated whether perceived support of colleagues and positive affect at work are mediating these relationships.
Design / Methodology
We conducted two studies. Study 1 was a diary study with assessments after work and before going to bed over five consecutive days.  Study 2 was a longitudinal study containing three measurements, each two months apart.
Intra-individual positive effects of networking on support of colleagues and positive affect, and of job crafting on positive affect were observed on daily level. Additionally, support predicted work enhancement of personal life positively. In Study 2, networking positively predicted positive affect, and work enhancement of personal life, mediated by perceived support. However, job crafting predicted more work interference of personal life.
All data are self-report and the age range is restricted to a young sample.
Research / practical implications
Proactive behaviours effect the nonwork domain in positive and negative ways and therefore should not be neglected in theory of work-nonwork interactions as well as in practice.
Originality / value
This is the first study to combine networking and job crafting with the nonwork domain. Additionally, daily and effects over several months of these proactive behaviours were found, whereas negative effects of job crafting were shown.


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