Sa-OR-S142-2 - Perceived Stigma It The Workplace: The Case Of Gays And Lesbians Nurses In Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Discrimination and equality in the workplace
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Human resource management
Discrimination and equality in the workplace
Perceived stigma it the workplace: the case of gays and lesbians nurses in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
J. Ortega 1,*
1Universidad de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Content: Purpose: The aim of this paper is to describe and explore how gays and lesbians nurses perceive their workplaces in terms of potential stigma and discrimination episodes against them for reasons of sexual orientation.   
Design/Methodology: The study is based on a qualitative approach. 20 interviews to gays, lesbians and heterosexuals nurses in Buenos Aires City and 5 interviews with key-informants in the fields of nursing and LGBT movements were analysed.  
Results: Findings indicates that gays and lesbians nurses manage their personal information using different strategies to avoid stigma. From relative discretion to total openness, no one reported keeping in secret their sexual orientation. However, they all agreed that the Equal Marriage Act made a difference but did not resolve discrimination / inequality problems.    
Limitations: Other professionals in the health sector and should be included in further researches to accomplish a wider perspective on these issues.  
Research/Practical Implications: The study shows how the discriminatory practices and perceived stigma amongst gays and lesbians nurses persist. It also questions the effectiveness of measures that can be taken in order to stop inequality and discrimination by practitioners and policy makers.
Originality/Value:  This paper fills a gap in workplace violence and discrimination research in Argentina by reporting how gays and lesbians manage personal information regarding their sexual orientation in order to avoid stigma. It also shows that perceived discrimination and inequality persists despite the legal recognition of gays and lesbians rights through recent legislations such as Equal Marriage act and Anti-discrimination act.

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