Sa-OR-S143-3 - Health Coaching And Preventing Burnout With Psychosocial Teams

Work stressors
Oral Presentation
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15 minutes
Employee stress and burnout
Work stressors
Health Coaching and Preventing Burnout with Psychosocial Teams
S. Antunes*
Content: With the arrival of thousands of refugees to Europe, European countries face a new challenge which relates to the reception and integration of refugees families and individuals in each host country.
Portugal is facing the same challenge. In this sense, the Portuguese Psychologists Association has decided to create a prevention program of Burnout of Psychosocial Technical Team of the Portuguese Red Cross, responsible for the integration of a group of 48 refugees.
Our communication aims to share the results of this program which includes the assessment of psychosocial risks, a health coaching program for technicians identified as being at risk and a training program on preventing burnout .
With this training we aim to help the Psychosocial Technicians Team to identify stress and burnout Symptoms, as well as the their associated risks.
After the training, the trainees will be qualified to implement stress and burnout prevention programs and to initiate actions and strategies that allow to recover the carers from psychological and physical exhaustion.


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