Th-OR-S16-2 - Effects Of Service-Oriented High Performance Work System On Employees’ Service Performance: How And When

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Thursday May 18   10:30 AM to 10:45 AM (15 minutes)
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Human resource management
Strategic HR
Effects of Service-Oriented High Performance Work System on Employees’ Service performance: How and When
H. Xu 1,*, C. Du 2, Z. Wang 1
1Department of Human Resource Management, Business School, Central University of Finance and Economics, 2Department of Psychology, Renmin University of China, Beijing, China
To investigate how and when employees’ service performance will be influenced by service-oriented high-performance work systems (HPWS).
Gathering data across 92 branches of a large Chinese bank, we investigated 568 frontline service employees and their supervisors. We tested the hypotheses with hierarchical linear modeling.
The results suggested that service-oriented HPWS affects employee service performance through the functions of employees’ service ability, customer orientation, and service climate perception simultaneously. Moreover, only when service-oriented HPWS consensus was high, the indirect effects of HPWS on service performance via service ability and customer orientation are significant.
First, we have not used multi-phase data to examine the causal relationship. And we only tested hypotheses from a single industry which is banking, and we should collect data from other service industries to prove our findings again.
Research/Practical Implications
To facilitate employees to give excellent service to clients, organisations should invest in service-oriented HRM practices to improve their service ability, customer orientation, and service climate perception, making them able to, willing to, and have chances to perform high-quality service performance. Managers should also notice that even in the same group, different employees have different HRM perceptions.
The research lets us understand better about how service-oriented HPWS can facilitate employee service performance and when this HPWS is effective or not.


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