Th-OR-S16-3 - Adapting Through Crafting One's Job: The Role Of Hr Practices

Strategic HR
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Thursday May 18   10:45 AM to 11:00 AM (15 minutes)
Lynch Theatre
Human resource management
Strategic HR
Adapting through crafting one’s job: The role of HR practices
E. Federici 1,*, C. Boon 1, D. Den Hartog 1
1University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Content: Purpose: Drawing from career construction theory (Savickas, 1997), we propose that workers express their career adaptability at work by crafting their jobs. Job crafting, defined as the changes individuals make in the task, relational, and cognitive boundaries of their work (Wrzesniewski & Dutton, 2001), is an adaptive behavior that people use to deal with changing environmental conditions, to increase the meaning of their work, and thus to reach positive adaptation results and work outcomes. We argue that high-involvement HR practices can strengthen the relationship between career adaptability and job crafting as HRM can provide the resources that enable employees to adapt through job crafting. In turn, crafting is likely to enhance work engagement and extra-role performance.
Methodology: We conducted a quantitative study among 133 employee-supervisor dyads in The Netherlands. Extra-role performance was rated by supervisors. We used path analysis in MPlus to test the model.
Results: A moderated mediation model supported the hypotheses. Career adaptability significantly related to job crafting for high but not for low levels of HRM. In turn, this was related to work engagement and extra-role performance.
Limitations: Use of cross-sectional data.
Implications: The results imply that through the implementation of specific types of HR practices organizations can create a room for employees to express their adaptability at work through crafting their jobs.
Originality: To our knowledge this study is the first to investigate the role of HR practices in fostering the beneficial effects of career adaptability on job crafting and employee outcomes.


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