Th-OR-S16-4 - High Performance Work Practices: Good Or Bad For Workers’ Wellbeing? A Meta-Analysis

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Strategic HR
High performance work practices: good or bad for workers’ wellbeing? A meta-analysis
M. Quiñones 1,*, C. Mardones 2
1Department of Psychology, University of Chile, 2Psychology, Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile
Content: Purpose. High performance work practices (HPWPs) have become increasingly popular in the area of strategic human resource management on the basis of their benefits for worker’s motivation and performance. However, several recent studies have warned that HPWPs could also be damaging for workers’ health. The present paper aimed to examine the relationship between high performance work practices and wellbeing indicators (i.e. work engagement, job satisfaction, organizational commitment, burnout and intentions to leave).
Design/Methodology. Meta-analysis technique was used to analyse empirical articles, paper dissertations and book chapters examining at least two HPWPs and one indicator of employee wellbeing. The search included the following databases: ISI Web of Science, Scopus and PsyINFO.
Results. Preliminary results yielded a total of 116 independent samples of employees and supervisors from 22 countries. The results of this ongoing study revealed that HPWPs and wellbeing are in the eye of both researchers and practitioners, showing more than 2000 studies focusing in this association.
Limitations. The limitations of the study relates to the search criteria, which were restricted to published studies written in English.
Research/Practical Implications. The contributions of this study are twofold. In the academia, our study might help to clarify the inconclusive  findings on the relationship between HPWPs and wellbeing. In the practical area,  we believe that our results may improve knowledge about the application of HPWPs and their potential influence on employee health.
Originality/Value. To our knowledge no meta-analytical reviews  or analyses have been carried out on the path HPWPs-wellbeing .


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