Th-OR-S2-2 - Leadership, Accumulating Job Demands And Presenteeism - A Moderated Mediation Model

Outcomes of constructive/destructive leadership
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Leadership and management
Outcomes of constructive/destructive leadership
Leadership, accumulating job demands and presenteeism – A moderated mediation model
C. Dietz 1,*, D. T. Scheel 2, D. S. Korek 1
1University of Leipzig, Leipzig, 2FernUniversität Hagen, Hagen, Germany
Content: Purpose
Leaders, especially in science, have a great impact on employees’ health, both directly and by shaping their working conditions. Based on the conservation of resources theory (COR), we hypothesized that the pressure to attend by supervisors has an exacerbating effect on employee`s presenteeism, mediated through increased time pressure. COR states that resource loss resulting from dealing with one job demand weakens the resource pool and therefore the capacity to deal with another job demand. Thus, we hypothesized that accumulating job demands interact and moderate the hypothesized mediation.
Data were obtained from 212 PhD`s and postdocs of 30 scientific institutions in Germany. Mediation analysis was performed using the SPSS macro “Process” (Hayes, 2013).
Pressure by supervisor was associated with higher presenteeism, while increased time pressure explained this effect partially. Moreover, the pressure by supervisor and accumulation of work interacted to predict time pressure, but in an unexpected way. The positive relationship between pressure of supervisor and time pressure is stronger when accumulation is low. Thus, in case of high accumulation of work the pressure by supervisor has only a minor effect on time pressure. Therefore, it is possible that job stressors cancel each other out and do not accumulate.
Results are based on cross-sectional data.
Research/ practical implications
Threshold models might explain the findings. Moreover, the potential specific patterns for the scientific staff should be considered in absence management.
Originality/ value
The present study examines the joint effect of leadership and stressors on presenteeism in scientific occupations.


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