Th-OR-S32-4 - Do Emotional Intelligence Make Leaders? An Investigation Of Trait Emotional Intelligence And Motivation To Lead

Antecedents of constructive/destructive leadership
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Leadership and management
Antecedents of constructive/destructive leadership
Do Emotional Intelligence make leaders? An investigation of Trait Emotional Intelligence and Motivation to Lead
C. W. Farstad*
Content: Purpose
Research on leadership motivation (Chan & Drasgow, 2001) have found several personality traits related to leadership potential. Still, several personality traits related to leadership effectiveness are yet to be investigated. Hence, based on the Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TeiQUE; Petrides & Furnham, 2001) we want to investigate individuals’ emotional intelligence and the relation toward an individuals’ motivation to enter an leadership career.
So far 300 students have answered a self-report questionnaire with TeiQue, five-factor model, and the Motivation to Lead Scale. We strive to pass 400 students for the study.
Since the data are still being collected the results are not ready. Preliminary results show significant tendencies for support of the main hypothesis.
The data are being collected based on self-report surveys. The limitations for self-report student samples are well known and will be argued for.
Practical Implication
The underlying tendencies for entering a leadership position enable us to understand more of what leadership is about. Research on emotional intelligence emphasize individuals’ emotions as important facets in leadership. This challenge the more recognized “hard” and “bold” view of leadership.
The unique value of this research are threefolded; (1) a further validation and understanding of TeiQue and its psychometric property in the field of leadership, (2) a further investigation of antecedents to leadership motivation might impact how we recruit and develop leaders; (3) a further understanding of the leadership construct in terms of underlying traits and motivations to enter its property.

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