Th-OR-S39-4 - The Role Of Leadership In A New Ways Of Working Context: Motivating Employees To Knowledge Sharing

Managing flexibility
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Leadership and management
Managing flexibility
The role of leadership in a New Ways of Working context: motivating employees to knowledge sharing
M. Coun 1,*, R. Blomme 2, P. Peters 3
1Open university of the Netherlands, Heerlen, 2Nyenrode Business University , Breukelen, 3Radboud University Nijmegen, Nijmegen, Netherlands
Content: Purpose - Knowledge sharing is increasingly important for organizations to enhance their creative and innovative capacity and, hence, performance. However, few studies have explored how managers can motivate employees’ knowledge sharing behavior. Building on Self-Determination theory, we investigate whether employees’ perceived need satisfaction mediates the relationship between either transformational and shared leadership and knowledge sharing in flexible work settings.
Design/Methodology - This study uses structural modeling to analyze survey data from 135 R&D professionals employed at a large knowledge-intensive firm in the Netherlands. 
Results - Knowledge sharing was directly and positively affected by shared leadership, but not by transformational leadership. However, transformational leadership indirectly impacted knowledge sharing through its positive relationship with shared leadership. Moreover, both transformational and shared leadership had a positive direct relationship with employees’ perceived need satisfaction, which, in turn, had a positive relationship with knowledge sharing.
Limitations - The sample was restricted to the knowledge workers of a specific company.
Research/Practical Implications – In order to motivate employees to share knowledge, leadership should focus on the fulfillment of workers’ basic needs for autonomy, self-development and belongingness. Both transformational and shared leadership can be implemented to achieve this goal. In fact, transformational leadership can even strengthen the effects of shared leadership.
Originality/Value - Most commonly, transformational and shared leadership are directly linked to knowledge sharing in flexible working arrangements. However, our study is the first to find that these leadership behaviors have an indirect effect by stimulating the personal needs fulfillment of knowledge workers.

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