TH-P01-017-interactive - Gimme Gimme Gimme! Connecting Employee Entitlement Behaviors to “Dark Side” Work Constructs

Counterproductive Work Behavior
Interactive Poster Presentation
1 hour 30 minutes
O'Brien Foyer
Conflict in organizations
Counterproductive Work Behavior
Gimme Gimme Gimme!  Connecting Employee Entitlement Behaviors to “Dark Side”
Work Constructs
G. M. Fisk*
Content: Purpose:  This research validates a measure of entitled work behavior by exploring its’ connections to a variety of organizationally-relevant constructs.  Building on a scale developed by Fisk (i.e., the Entitled Work Behavior Scale or EWBS, 2006; 2007), relationships between the EWBS and employee voice, locus of control, ostracism, envy and propensity to morally disengage were explored.
Design / Methodology: 209 individuals (Mage = 38.94, sd = 10.43) working in a variety of industries and employed on at least a part-time basis were surveyed.
Results:  The 10-item EWBS demonstrated good levels of internal consistency (α = .78).  Correlational analyses show convergence with self-reported attitudes, beliefs (Locus of Controlexternality = .29**, Envy = .36**, perceived Ostracism = .23**), and behavior (Moral Disengagement = .50**).  No relationship between EWBS scores and employee voice, age or employment status was noted (r = ns).
Limitations:  This research provides a limited test regarding the validity of a measure of entitled work behavior.  Further investigation is needed to lend additional evidence to the scale’s relevance for organizational scholars and practitioners.
Research / Practical Implications: The current work explores the behavioral manifestations of entitlement, further strengthening its’ nomological network as expressed in the employment context. 
Originality / Value:  Existing research on employee entitlement focuses primarily on individual attitudes and beliefs without acknowledging that this individual difference variable may be associated with a unique behavioral repertoire.  This work presents a previously developed, yet unpublished scale of entitled work behavior and provides further evidence of its’ construct validity.


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