TH-P01-046 - The dark side of expatriation; antecedents to bullying and incivility abroad.

Bullying and harassment
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3 hours 30 minutes
O'Brien Foyer
Conflict in organizations
Bullying and harassment
The dark side of expatriation; antecedents to bullying and incivility abroad.
D. E. J. Toomey 1,*
1SPJain School of Global Management, Singapore, Singapore
Content: Research related to expatriate management is a long established topic within international human resource management.  Organizations incur considerable expenses at all stages of the employee lifecycle, and failed assignments marked by early repatriation is considered to be expensive to the organization, the employee and their families. To this end, many researchers have addressed the role of acculturation issues, work-family spillover and cross cultural dynamics between the expatriate and local employees, with outcome variables often being intent-to-turnover and organizational commitment. The implicit perspective behind this is that expatriation is a positive option within international staffing and managerial development, with potential returns to both the employer and employee. This study addresses a gap in the body of knowledge related to expatriates by considering ‘the dark side’ of expatriation, in terms of factors more commonly found in research related to emotion/conflict in the workplace and employee stress/burnout. More specifically, the study proposes a model of personality and bullying within an expatriate context. 
Given the sensitivity of the topic, the initial study will be qualitative in nature based on expatriate interviews. It will include expatriates in a number of countries. Results are expected to indicate that particular factors of expatriate employment may facilitate and even encourage bullying and other behaviours detrimental to the health and wellbeing of both supervisors and subordinates, with different outcomes related to retention and turnover. Limitations of the study will be the sample size suited to quantitative analysis. However, the study has both research and practical implications. For researchers, it highlights a gap existing in the body of knowledge related to expatriates. For practitioners, it highlights opportunity to coach and consult on change related to managerial and leadership development. Accordingly, the study offers originality and value within this domain.  

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