TH-P01-053 - The relationship between Nurses’ Burnout, Empathy and Social Support

Burnout and fatigue
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Employee stress and burnout
Burnout and fatigue
The relationship between Nurses’ Burnout, Empathy and Social Support
L. Gustainiene 1, A. Ivanove, A. Smitas*
1Vytautas Magnus university, Kaunas, Lithuania
Content: Purpose. Burnout has become a modern society phenomenon, and nurses are exposed to one of the highest risk of burnout. Social demands for nurses are increasing, causing more psycho-emotional stress at work and burnout risk. Therefore, it is important to reduce the risk of profession related fatigue using internal and external personal resources. It is believed that empathy can be seen as internal human resource and social support – as external.
The purpose of this study is to analyse the links among nurses’ professional burnout, empathy and social support.
Design/methodology. The study included 258 female nurses‘(aged 23 - 68), residents of Šilutė town and district.
Methods. Burnout was assessed by the Copenhagen Burnout Inventory (Borritz, Kristensen, 2005, α = .94). Empathy was measured by the Interpersonal Reactivity Index scale (Davis, 1983, α = .79). Medical Outcomes Study Social Support Survey (Sherbourne, Stewart, 1991, α = .94), has been used to measure Social support.
Results. The results of the research showed links between nurses‘ work-related burnout, personal distress and lower social support. An increase in nurses‘ work-related burnout was predicted by lower total work record in an institution, higher workload, higher personal distress as well as lower informational social support and lower positive social interaction.
Limitations. Convenience sample limited to female nurses in a small district, self-administered questionnaires.
Research/practical implications. The findings encourage nurses and administrative staff pay attention to nurses’ work environment and psychological help for nurses.
Originality/value. This research contributes to a better understanding of burnout phenomenon among nurses.


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