TH-P01-055 - Psychosemantic features of work object in school teachers

Burnout and fatigue
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Employee stress and burnout
Burnout and fatigue
Psychosemantic features of work object in school teachers
M. Abdullaeva*
Content: Purpose. This study deals with psychosemantic description of professional experience structures of school teachers. In our study we addressed the semantic dimension of the main work object of teachers – student as a "key" component of teaching.
Design/Methodology. 98 people took part in the research. We used questionnaires concerning the content of work, interpersonal relations for the diagnosis of professional difficulties (Rezapkina, 1999), burnout level (Maslach, 1981) and psychosemantic methods – unfinished sentences on the topic "My profession" and free associations to the words "Student" and "Child" with the subsequent content analysis.
Results. Cluster analysis allowed identifying two groups of teachers based on value orientations: child oriented (51Ss) and oriented on colleagues and their own experiences (47Ss). The obtained data revealed the following semantic characteristics of their work object: "the emotional tone of rating", "the proportion of semantic match in description of Student and Child", "abstractness/concreteness of the descriptions”.
Limitations. The data obtained do not allow to assert that the "focus on children" is a guarantee of harmonious professional development, but teachers with this orientation describe themselves positively.
Research/Practice Implications. The predominance of negative characteristics in students' evaluation, teacher’s tendency to use different vocabularies for Students and Children, the appearance of abstract answers suffices for allocating a teacher to a group of specialists that need attention of professional psychologists.
Originality/Value. The paradox of teachers’ active orientation on children is that children are viewed as source of joy and inspiration that protects the teacher and as a reason for work-related "trouble".

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