TH-P01-086 - Validation of the Multi-Affect Indicator Questionnaire (IWP) in a Spanish Sample

Emotions and organizational contexts
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Emotion in the workplace
Emotions and organizational contexts
Validation of the Multi-Affect Indicator Questionnaire (IWP) in a Spanish Sample
M. Vera 1,*, I. Sánchez-Cardona 2, E. Cifre 3, M. C. Pastor 3
1Universidad Especialidades Espíritu Santo, Guayaquil, Ecuador, 2Universidad Carlos Albizu, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 3Universitat Jaume I, Castellon de la Plana, Spain
Content: Purpose
The purpose of this study was to translate, adapt and initially explore the construct validity of the 16 items version of the affect measure developed by Warr et al. (2014) in Spain.
The sample consisted of 219 individuals (56% women; Mage= 34.12, SD=9.55). Translation and back translation were conducted by two independent bilingual researchers with expertise in psychometrics and psychology. Data was collected using an electronic survey.
To examine the construct validity, we performed a confirmatory factor analysis with AMOS vs.22. We tested 5 competing models (4 factor Model; 2 Factor Model: Pleasant and Unpleasant; 2 Factor Model: Anxiety to Comfort-Depression to Enthusiasm; 2 Factor Model: High Activation and low Activation; 1 Factor Model). Results showed that the hypothesized four factor model has the best fit, χ2= 285.94, df=98, IFI=.90, CFI=.90, TLI= .87, RMSEA=.09, SRMR=.07. Correlations among the four factors range from .33 to .79. All factor loading were significant, and ranged from .45 to .87. Reliability estimates ranged from .76 to .86.
The sole purpose of this sample was to validate the instrument. That will be use in a larger sample afterwards. Thus, sample is relatively small.
Research/Practical Implications
These results are consistent with the confirmatory factor analysis presented by Warr et al. (2014). The Spanish version shows good psychometric properties to be used in organizational setting and in research with workers.
IWP is a notorious questionnaire that measures affect with only 16 items, easy to implement in organizational setting; thus, a Spanish translation is of relevance for future research.


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