TH-P01-087 - Three Perspectives on the Scope and Value of Emotional Intelligence

Emotions and organizational contexts
Poster Presentation
3 hours 30 minutes
O'Brien Foyer
Emotion in the workplace
Emotions and organizational contexts
Three Perspectives on the Scope and Value of Emotional Intelligence
T. Evans 1,*, G. Steptoe-Warren 1
1School of Psychological, Social and Behavioural Sciences, Coventry University, COVENTRY, United Kingdom
Content: Objectives: The field of Emotional Intelligence (EI) appears to be a minefield of theoretical obscurities, inaccuracies, exaggerations and inappropriate applications. The current study explores the degree to which there are established consensuses on the definition and value of EI within three distinct populations: academics, students, and HR professionals.
Design: A simple qualitative open-ended questionnaire was developed to explore the perspectives of the three populations. If you would like to participate before the session, students can get involved here:, academics here: and HR professionals here:
Methods: Two-hundred students, 100 researching and/or teaching academics, and 50 HR professionals from across the globe were convenience sampled from social media or through personal contacts. Results were analysed qualitatively, themed, and consensuses explored within and between samples.
Results: EI is perceived as a ‘common-sense’ idea, however there is very little agreement about the definition and scope of EI, with very few participants clearly framing it within the context of existing individual difference frameworks. Nearly all participants viewed the constructs as positive, and valuable for their own activities whether that be for student-life, researching, teaching, or selection/recruitment.
Conclusions: Consensuses on EI is lacking and thus greater attention is needed to ensure self-perpetuating misconceptions are replaced with the clear dissemination of the theoretical grounding to, and robust empirical evidence for, EI. Whether it be within academic work, Higher Education curriculum, or HR practice, adopting EI should not be encouraged without a robust theoretical understanding.


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