TH-P01-103 - Person-organizational values fit and organizational attraction

Work attitudes and values
Poster Presentation
3 hours 30 minutes
O'Brien Foyer
Emotion in the workplace
Work attitudes and values
Person-organizational values fit and organizational attraction
J. Van Hein*, D. Meyerink 1
1Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, TN, United States
Content: Purpose: Perceived person-organizational fit influences an individual’s desire to work for a particular organization (Tom 1971; Judge & Bretz, 1992).  Finding an organization that aligns with one’s personal values is becoming increasingly important to today’s job seekers (Caress, 2005).
 Design/Methodology: A profile-matching approach was used to investigate the extent to which organizational attractiveness was related to perceived fit between one’s personal values and stated values of an organization.  Participants were 170 upper-level undergraduate and graduate students. Participants first completed two work values measures and next were presented with descriptions of two organizations asked to evaluate the organizational values these companies represented. 
Results: Difference scores were computed to determine profile-match and correlated with individual’s attraction to the organization. As predicted, the more similar the company’s values were to their own, the greater the organizational attractiveness.
Limitations: Only one third of the sample had experience applying for full-time professional jobs.
Implications: By matching the values profile of an applicant with the profile of an organization, one can predict the employee’s satisfaction and perhaps even determine the applicant’s intent to stay with the organization.
Originality/Value:  The findings of this study suggest that organizations could be more strategic about selecting individuals with values that are similar to those of the organization.  Employees with congruent values may be more likely to be satisfied and remain with the organization, which will in turn save the organization the financial burden of hiring and training their replacement.

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