TH-P01-106 - Express assessment of the personal meaning of professional work

Work attitudes and values
Poster Presentation
3 hours 30 minutes
O'Brien Foyer
Emotion in the workplace
Work attitudes and values
Express assessment of the personal meaning of professional work
D. Leontiev*, E. Osin 1, K. Smirnova 2
1Psychology, National Research University Higher School of Economics, 2Psychology, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russian Federation
Content: Whether one’s professional work is perceived as job, career, or calling, makes a big difference (Bellah a.o., 1985; Baumeister, 1991). We have quantified the simple procedure of choosing one of the three words to label one’s work (Wrzesnewsky a.o., 1997), asking the respondents to estimate in percent, to which degree their work may be called career, calling, or mere job. We did not care whether the sum made exactly 100% but used data normalization. This simple procedure called Meaning of Professional Activity (MPA) has been used in a number of studies on samples of university students and working professionals parallel to measures of well-being, motivation, job satisfaction, flow, grit, self-efficacy etc.
The data of these studies will be presented at full length. To sum up, MPA as calling score turned out to be consistently positively associated with most variables related to well-being and personality resources. MPA as career score reveals no consistent significant associations with other variables, probably because it suggests personality noninvolvement, and MPA as job score reveals few significant negative associations with well-being variables. We may conclude that MPA procedure that takes hardly more than two minutes may provide a rather reliable general estimation of one’s well-being in the domain of professional work.  


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