TH-P01-109 - Person-organization value congruence and creativity

Work attitudes and values
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Emotion in the workplace
Work attitudes and values
Person-organization value congruence and creativity
S. Bogilović 1,*, M. Škerlavaj 2
1Economics and Public Sector Management, Faculty of Administration, University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2Leadership and Organizational Behavior, BI Norwegian Business School, Oslo, Norway
Content:         - ·        Purpose
The aim of this paper is to provide in-depth insight into how person-organization value congruence impacts individual creativity. Most of the research only examine how cultural values are related to creativity. Also, there are only a few empirically research that provide evidence that value congruence indeed can lead to positive outcomes in work environment such as job satisfaction or can promote extra-role behaviors linked to positive employee attitudes. Taking all together, we take a step forward by proposing that value congruence can have positive impact on creative work outcome.  
We conducted a field study on working professionals (n=383) and conducted polynomial regression analyses in order to test our hypothesis.
        - ·        Results
As hypothesized, congruence between personal and organizational values is positively related to creativity. Furthermore, the response surface analyses reveled the degree of discrepancy, direction and agreement of personal and organizational values on creativity.
        - ·        Limitations
Our data was self-reported; therefore, there are potential problems regarding the reliability of the results and common-method bias.
        - ·        Research/Practical Implications
Our results have important theoretical and conceptual implications for research on creativity. Our research shows that values can promote creative behavior at work, special when employee’s values are in line with his or her perceptions of the organizational values. These findings offer practical guidelines on how managers can stimulate creativity by promoting meaningful values for employees at work.
        - ·        Originality/Value
This is the first study that examines the role of how person-organization value congruence impacts individual creativity.


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