TH-P01-111 - A job demands-resources examination of repatriate adjustment

Work stressors
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O'Brien Foyer
Employee stress and burnout
Work stressors
A job demands-resources examination of repatriate adjustment
Y. Yamasaki 1, L. Perez*, J. McChesney 1
1Minnesota State University, ,
Content: Purpose: There is extensive research on the process of expatriate adjustment but not the process of repatriation, or returning to the home country and organization. Although expatriate assignments are commonly viewed as a career-building step for managers, almost one-quarter of repatriated employees leave their organization within one year of return (GMAC, 2005). Using the Demands-Resources Model, we investigated repatriate adjustment. Specifically, we examined three organizational factors (role ambiguity, low autonomy, and absence of preparation) as job demands and three personal characteristics of repatriates (openness, cultural knowledge, and cultural skill) as job resources. We expected these resources to minimize negative effects of job demands on repatriate adjustment.
Design/Methodology: We examined survey responses from an online survey panel of 56 repatriates..
Results: The JDR model was not supported. However, cultural knowledge and cultural skill moderated the relationship between preparation and career satisfaction. Individuals with lower cultural knowledge and greater cultural skill benefitted more from preparation. Furthermore, career satisfaction significantly predicted lower intentions to quit.
Limitations: The sample size was small for the analyses performed. Furthermore, generalizability is limited as we opted to hold home country (the United States) constant to reduce cultural confounds. Respondents' international assignments were completed all over the world.
Research/Practial Implications: Organizations may benefit from preparing employees better for the repatriation process. Furthermore, the type of preparation may need to be tailored to specific characteristics of the repatriating employee (level of cultural knowledge and skill).
Originality/Value: The topic of repatriate adjustment has not been extensively examined in the literature.

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