TH-P01-119 - One size fits all… but which one is it? Person-environment value congruence and employee burnout - a new take.

Work stressors
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Employee stress and burnout
Work stressors
One size fits all… but which one is it? Person-environment value congruence and employee burnout - a new take.
C. Pulfrey*, F. Krings 1
1Organisational Behaviour, University of Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland
Content: Purpose:
Statistics show that up to 70% of U.S. male financial professionals suffer from burnout. Yet research to date indicates that individual and organizational value congruence negatively predicts burnout. Are so many financial employees badly placed or does the relation between values and burnout depend on which values are adhered to. We hypothesized that perceived adherence to self-enhancement values of power and achievement, by employees themselves, organizations or supervisors will be positively associated with burnout, whilst perceived organizational or supervisor adherence to contrasting values of benevolence, will have negative associations with employee burnout.
Five studies were carried out with employees from a range of nationalities and professions. Using the Schwartz (1992) values questionnaire, which includes ten core values divided into four higher-order value dimensions, participants assessed perceived organizational (two studies), perceived supervisor (two studies) and perceived professional values (one study), their own values as well as self-report symptoms of burnout. Polynomial regression analyses were used to analyze data.
Results of all studies confirm hypotheses, indicating that it is indeed perceived organizational, supervisor or professional adherence to self-enhancing values of power and achievement that is a key predictor of burnout, regardless of the values an individual holds themselves. Conversely, perceived adherence to caring and supportive benevolence values has the opposite effect.
As in most congruence research, limitations include the use of correlational, self-report studies. 
These findings move forward congruence research, revealing that the type of value may matter as much as whether it is congruent or not.

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