TH-P02-016-interactive - Czech Leadership Questionnaire: Preliminary analyses and adaptation into English

Outcomes of constructive/destructive leadership
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Leadership and management
Outcomes of constructive/destructive leadership
Czech Leadership Questionnaire: Preliminary analyses and adaptation into English
J. Prochazka, M. Vaculik 1, P. Smutny 1, M. Leugnerova 1,*
1Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic
Content: Purpose
MLQ, the most widely used method for measuring leadership, has been criticized in recent years because the items describes not only leadership behaviors but also leadership outcomes. Furthermore, it does not distinguish between individual and group level of leadership measurement and the factor structure of its translation tended not to correspond to the original inventory. That is why we created the Czech Leadership Questionnaire (CLQ) as an original method.  CLQ has four subscales of transformational leadership, three subscales of transactional leadership and one subscale of laissez-faire leadership.
We derived the 32-item inventory form 171 original statements formulated in focus groups with the use of expert evaluation and a pilot study. We conducted four studies with various samples (Czech subordinates, university students, bilingual respondents) to verify the factor structure and to assess construct and criterion validity of the inventory. We adapted the method into English using backward translation, cognitive interviews and a pilot study.
Preliminary results
SEM’s indicated a good fit of the eight-factor model. Moreover, the transformational leadership scale correlated very strongly with transformational leadership scale in MLQ.
The inventory does not include emerging leadership styles such as authentic or ethical leadership.
Research/Practical Implications
We present new leadership inventory with good psychometric characteristics that is free to use for organizations and researchers.
The inventory has only behavioral items that assess leadership styles on the group level. This enables more clear interpretation of the results. CLQ is also the first validated leadership inventory in Czech language.


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