TH-P02-041 - Employee’s personality traits and leadership styles of managers to influence dimensions of organizational commitment

Leadership and followership
Poster Presentation
3 hours 30 minutes
O'Brien Foyer
Leadership and management
Leadership and followership
Employee’s personality traits and  leadership styles of managers to influence dimensions of organizational commitment
R. Sahraee 1,*
1University Putra Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Content: Nowadays, due to the benefits provided by the employee’s commitment, factors that contribute to enhancement of commitment as well as the factors influencing it have been considered as an important issue. Although most of the proposed theories have focused on the results of having or lacking the organizational commitment, in this paper, we intended to present how the congruence between the leader’s leadership styles and the employee’s personality traits foster the commitment. To address this issue, we initially investigated that each of the Big Five personality traits are associated with which style of leadership, transactional or transformational, and found that a direct relationship exists between Big Five personality and preferred leadership style. Furthermore, we studied the effect of congruence between the preferred leadership styles by the employees and the applied leadership styles by the managers on the organizational commitment in the context of a large-sized organization, and concluded that the congruence between preferred and applied leadership style has a direct impact on the organizational commitment. The result of this study suggests a new approach to focus on follower-leader fit, in addition to attempting to make employee-job fit. Such an approach would enable organization to enhance employee’s commitment through making a fit between these two factors that contribute to the development, growth and survival of the organization in today's business environment.


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