TH-P02-062 - International Corporate Volunteering – a reasonable tool to develop management competencies?

Leadership Development
Poster Presentation
3 hours 30 minutes
O'Brien Foyer
Leadership and management
Leadership Development
International Corporate Volunteering –
a reasonable tool to develop management competencies?
U. Bronner, A. Faix 1,*, H. Prölß 2
1Hochschule Für Technik, University Of Applied Science Stuttgart, 2Stiftung managerohnegrenzen, Stuttgart, Germany
Content: Purpose   International Corporate Volunteering (ICV) refers to the practice of engaging employees in service projects abroad while investing in leadership development. The purpose of the study was to identify if ICV-programs offer skills development opportunities for managers and how corporations profit from the newly developed competencies of the managers. Moreover, the study focused on the question if corporations already actively conduct human resources development programs.
Design/Methodology   To identify the positive impact of ICV-programs a qualitative study was conducted. Therefor eleven managers, mostly working in international corporations, were interviewed. The evaluation resulted from a qualitative content analysis.
Results   Findings reveal that there is a considerable increase in management competencies. Managers obviously tend to become more adjustable, - and team-minded. They are able to reflect upon themselves differently and behave more empathic in intercultural teams. In total, most of the managers enhanced their personal and communicative abilities.
Limitations   Restrictive needs to be mentioned that only a small number of managers participated in the survey.
Practical Implications  Although personal and communicative abilities are deemed to be necessary prerequisites for intercultural management tasks there is still a vast ambiguity as to the conceptualization of ICV-programs in corporations. Exactly those needed to be integrated more beneficial into the leadership development.
Originality/Value Whereas several studies concerning domestic corporate volunteering projects have already been published this is one of the first studies concentrating on international attempts. It is a valuable resource for companies proposing to invest in leadership development.


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