TH-P02-107 - Clinic of dialogue in workplace : the case of the French inquiry judge

Workplace health promotion
Poster Presentation
3 hours 30 minutes
O'Brien Foyer
Workplace health promotion
Clinic of dialogue in workplace : the case of the french inquiry judge
K. Kostulski*
Content: The purpose of our presentation is to highlight the dialogical and language processes involved in our interventions in the clinic of activity perspective (Clot & Kostulski, 2011). We develops methodologies based on dialogue in order to promote health and efficiency in workplace. We will show how these methodologies are likely to put into discussion professional ways to act in the hearings of judges’ offices.
The method of crossed self confrontation was used to analyze activity of hearings, during an intervention requested by the School of the Judiciary following the judicial scandal of Outreau. It was used in order to restore professional dialogue in a profession in social, political and institutional difficulties
We will show how the controversy about the video-recorded professional acts makes speakable and the questionable the professional ways to act, and by the way allows a development of the trade.
We will focus on an example: the development of the dialogue about the techniques of qualification of criminal facts
This study is an original contribution to the analysis of the symbolic professional activities (Kostulski, 2011 ; Kostulski & Kloetzer, 2014). It allowed professional to develop the trade, and and allows researchers to better understand the language dynamics in symbolic activities (Vygotsky, 1986).
This paper gives a new point of view regarding the analysis of activity methods, specially in non material professional activities, mostly difficult to observe and analyze in work psychology.


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