Fr-SYM-2277-6 - Age And Personal Growth At Work: The Moderating Role Of Transformational Leadership On Teachers’ Self-Efficacy And Thriving

Personal growth and happiness
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Positive organizational behaviour
Personal growth and happiness
Age and personal growth at work: The moderating role of transformational leadership on teachers’ self-efficacy and thriving
C. Niessen*, I. Mäder 1, J. Volmer 2
1Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Erlangen, 2Otto-Friedrich University Bamberg, Bamberg, Germany
Main Abstract Content: Purpose
It is increasingly being discussed how to promote personal growth in organizations for employees of all ages. In the present study we investigated whether teachers’ age relates to thriving at work (i.e., the joint experience of vitality and learning). Moreover, we examined whether transformational leadership of the school principal helps especially older teachers to experience a sense of self-efficacy and, in turn, to thrive at work. 
This mediated moderation model was tested with a two-wave-study (time lag 3 months) among 155 high-school teachers in Germany.
Path modelling revealed no direct relationship between teachers’ age and thriving. However, as expected, transformational leadership moderated the relationship between age, teacher-related self-efficacy, and thriving; age was associated with a decrease in self-efficacy and thriving when the school principals were less engaged in a transformational leadership style. When school principals showed transformational leadership behaviors, age was neither associated with self-efficacy nor thriving. Moreover, self-efficacy mediated this relationship; age was associated with a decrease in self-efficacy across the school term, which, in turn, related to a decrease in thriving when transformational leadership was low.
Our design did not include a third measurement which allows to separate measurement error from the change in the outcome variables.
Research/Practical Implications
Transformational leadership is especially helpful for older teachers by fostering their self-efficacy which provides more opportunities to thrive.
To our knowledge, this study is the first to investigate whether and how age relates to personal growth at work by identifying moderating and mediating mechanisms.


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