Th-SYM-2332-4 - The Relation Between Family-Friendly Climate And Dual Success For Female Leaders With Children

Organizational Culture
1 hour
Organizational Structure, Culture and Climate
Organizational culture
The relation between family-friendly climate and dual success for female leaders with children
J. M. Nina 1,*, R. van Dick 1
1Department of Social Psychology, Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany
Main Abstract Content: Purpose: Women are still clearly underrepresented in leadership positions (Ezzedeen, Budworth, & Baker, 2015), even though they are equally or sometimes even better qualified for these positions (Singh, Terjesen, & Vinnicombe, 2008). This underrepresentation is even more pronounced for mothers in leadership positions (momleaders; e.g., Smith, Smith, & Verner, 2013). However, some women achieve to be successful as leaders and mothers, which we coin dual success. Researchers have found support in managing family and career to be one of the key success factors for employees’ work-family balance (e.g., Lyness & Kropf, 2005). However, leaders’ own need for support has rarely been considered before. We use person-environment fit theory (e.g., Kristof-Brown, Zimmerman, & Johnson, 2005) to predict how family-friendly climate relates to dual success.
Design/Methodology: We conducted a cross-sectional dyad-study on mothers in leadership positions. 
Results: Organizational family-friendly climate positively relates to marital satisfaction and to objective career success. P-E fit moderates this relation.
Limitations: This study is cross-sectional so that causal inferences are difficult to make.
Research/Practical Implications: We show that P-E fit is a valuable theoretical foundation to predict dual success. Organizations need not only provide family-friendly policies, but they should negotiate with their female leaders, which policies be support these women.
Originality/Value: To our knowledge, this is one of the first quantitative studies, which focuses on female leaders’ dual success and the first application of P-E fit theory to this field of research. 


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