Th-SYM-2390-2 - Savour Good Moments, Practice Mindfulness, And Reframe The Bad: A Randomized Controlled Trail (Rct) Of The Mental Wellbeing Toolkit

Prevention and intervention
1 hour
Workplace health promotion
Savour good moments, practice mindfulness, and reframe the bad: A randomized controlled trail (RCT) of the Mental Wellbeing Toolkit
E. Pogrebtsova 1,*, M. G. Gonzalez-Morales 1
1Psychology, University of Guelph, Guelph, Canada
Main Abstract Content:  
Theory posits that organizational interventions can improve and sustain employee wellbeing via psychological resource building. However, lack of longitudinal mechanism exploration, especially compared to rigorous placebo conditions, is a gap between theory and field evidence. The current study examined whether an online intervention promotes wellbeing via emotion regulation resource building, beyond placebo effects.
A pilot sample of 119 university students was randomly assigned to 10 days of self-practice in an intervention, placebo, or control condition. The intervention provided 5-minute audio exercises of mindfulness, savouring, and reappraisal. The placebo and control conditions provided “sham” exercises of distant and recent memory recall, and breathing focus. Only the intervention and placebo conditions were primed with expectancy beliefs for wellbeing improvements.
Multilevel growth modeling results showed all conditions declined in stress and negative affect and increased in positive affect up to 1 month later. Compared to the placebo, the intervention led to a sharper growth in emotion regulation over time, with no other outcome differences. The placebo also showed a sharper growth in emotion regulation over time than the control. Although daily emotion regulation predicted wellbeing, it did not mediate intervention assignment on outcomes.
Self-reported emotion regulation limited the scope of the proposed mechanism measured.
This study provided some field support for psychological resource building theories with a rich daily diary exploration. Comparable resource building found in the placebo raises the need for future research and practice in organizations to understand and harness placebo benefits in employee interventions.


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