Th-SYM-2406-2 - State Core Self-Evaluations At Work - The Role Of Daily Job Autonomy And A Mindfulness Intervention

Emerging themes in I/O psychology
Thursday May 18   09:00 AM to 10:00 AM (1 hour)
Emerging themes in I/O psychology
State core self-evaluations at work - The role of daily job autonomy and a mindfulness intervention
A. Nübold*
Main Abstract Content:  
Research has shown that internal and external experiences at work predict fluctuations in personality states. In this study, we tested the effectiveness of a short-term mindfulness intervention for enhancing employees’ state core self-evaluations (state CSE), their current sense of competence and worthiness. We further tested if the mindfulness intervention can buffer the detrimental effects of low job autonomy on individuals’ state CSE, which should, in turn, impact individuals’ job satisfaction.
A 30-day web-based intervention was combined with a diary study including 8 measurement occasions (twice a week). Employees (N = 79) were randomly assigned to an intervention group (mindfulness exercises), an active control group (brain training exercises), or a wait-list control group.
Preliminary results show that the mindfulness intervention was not effective. However, state mindfulness was related to employees’ state CSE and, in turn, to their state job satisfaction. State mindfulness did not moderate the positive relation of state job autonomy and state CSE.
We only used self-reports in our study, potentially leading to common-method bias. Further, we are not able to draw causal conclusions from our analyses.
Research/Practical Implications
Our findings illustrate the value of state mindfulness and daily job autonomy for improving employees’ state CSE and, in turn, their daily job satisfaction.
We contribute to research on personality dynamics at work by specifying the role of internal (mindfulness) and external (autonomy) experiences at work for employees’ personality state change. Our findings may inform organizational interventions that benefit employees’ daily work experiences.

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