Fr-SYM-2677-2 - German Ac Standards: Main Aspects Of The Revised Version 2016

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Selection methods
German AC standards: Main aspects of the revised version 2016
S. Höft*
Main Abstract Content: The German standards had been initiated by the “Arbeitskreis Assessment Center e.V (AkAC)”, a non-profit merger of presently approximately 100 personnel specialists of commercial and service enterprises, science and public administration. The standards were elaborated in a first version in 1992. A first revision of the AC standards was completed in 2004. The present updated version was published in 2016.
The main changes of the third version are:
-          Greater weight is placed on the core idea of methods variety (behavior simulation plus interview plus test/questionnaire)
-          All roles/persons relevant for the AC process are taken into account (person responsible for procedures, moderators, test supervisors, role players, interviewers, assessors)
-          A considerable extension of the method recommendations has been made and more examples of possible violations of standards have been added.
-          More concrete qualitative minimum standards in the AC are defined, e.g. with regard to the number and variation of procedure elements, the structuring of behavioral observations and interviews.
The text structuring is a USP of the German AC standards: The current version includes ten individual standards that are formally based on the process of the AC construction and implementation in practice. Initially, every individual standard is given a distinctive name. Then the specific benefit of the standard contents is described and their relevance is explained. This is followed by recommendations for the practical implementation of the standard. Finally, typical practical procedures that violate the respective standard are described under the heading “Violations”.


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