Th-SYM-2688-4 - Me, Myself And I In Leadership Development: Narcissists’ Implicit Leadership Theories And Their Leadership Behaviour.

Leadership Development
Thursday May 18   04:15 PM to 05:15 PM (1 hour)
Leadership and management
Leadership Development
Me, myself and I in leadership development: Narcissists’ implicit leadership theories and their leadership behaviour.
E. Schmid 1,* and EAWOP17-SYMPOSIUM-2688
1Technische Universität München, München, Germany
Main Abstract Content: Purpose: An important factor in developing leaders is to understand implicit leadership theories, their beliefs about what constitutes effective leadership. Narcissists, with their grandiose self-views are an interesting case in this regard and the topic of narcissists in leadership positions, their behaviours and attitudes, has received much attention lately. The aim of this study is to examine the implicit leadership theories narcissists’ hold, and how these translate into self and other observed leadership behaviour.
Design/Methodology: In a qualitative analysis of essays, the implicit leadership theories of 60 leaders taking part in a 15-month leadership development program were assessed prior to the program. During the program, their self-rated and other rated leadership behaviour (based on transactional, transformational and authentic leadership theories) was assessed.
Results: Results on the different beliefs about what makes an effective leader held by participants with high versus low levels of narcissism will be presented and related to self and other- ratings of leadership behaviours.
Limitations: Future research should further assess changes in narcissists’ beliefs about effective leadership and how these relate to actual leadership performance.
Implications: This study empirically bridges the gap between the literature on leadership development and the literature on leader narcissism.
Originality/Value: This study is among the first that highlights the importance of narcissist’s beliefs about effective leadership for targeted and effective leadership development interventions.

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