Th-SYM-2688-5 - Challenges Of Developing Collective Leadership From A Critical Feminist Perspective

Leadership Development
Thursday May 18   04:15 PM to 05:15 PM (1 hour)
Leadership and management
Leadership Development
Challenges of Developing Collective Leadership from a Critical Feminist Perspective
R. Kark 1,*, R. Preser 2, E. Schmid 3 on behalf of EAWOP17-SYMPOSIUM-2688 and EAWOP17-SYMPOSIUM-2688
1Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel, 2ICI Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry, Berlin, 3Technische Universität München, München, Germany
Main Abstract Content: -Purpose:
Leadership has traditionally been widely understood as an individual-level skill. Within this tradition, leadership is conceptualized as an influence process between the 'leaders' and the 'followers' or as an inner experience of the individual. Recently, leadership theories focus on collective leadership, approaching leadership as a function that is not held by the individual member, but rather one that is shared among group members. However there is limited knowledge to how such leadership develops. In the current paper we focus on the development of collective leadership, drawing on a critical feminist perspectives.
This is a conceptual paper, that is based on a unique case study that was organized:  the 'Gender in the Field Conference' in Israel. Reflecting on the conference, that was constructed as a temporary organization, led by an ad-hoc collective which shared leadership among a large team of women (over 25), we offer a better understanding of the challenges of the development of collective leaders.
By linking organizational theories of collective leadership with critical feminist scholarship, we explore and uncover challenges that arise from the concept of ‘collective leadership’, as the leadership of the team develops.
-Research/Practical Implications
Practical implications and limitations of the case study and the specific context are discussed.
This paper is among the first to look at the development of collective leadership. The use of critical feminist theory allows us to unpack various myths and complex dynamics of diversity and exclusion in the process of the development of collective leadership.

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