Fr-SYM-273-7 - Virtual Traces Of Honesty-Humility

Emerging themes in I/O psychology
1 hour
Emerging themes in I/O psychology
Virtual Traces of Honesty-Humility                
A. Barends 1,*, R. de Vries 1, M. van Vugt 1
1Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Main Abstract Content: Purpose:
Reliable, unobtrusive cues of personality traits can be found in various sources of information, such as physical appearance, the interior of an office, and an individual’s virtual avatar. However, not all of these sources contain cues for the traits to the same extent, and sometimes not even at all. Because all these  studies were performed using the Big 5, it is not yet known  whether the additional Honesty-Humility factor of HEXACO model of personality is also represented in such alternative sources of information.
To test whether cues of Honesty-Humility are also available in such alternative sources, students completed the HEXACO-PI-R, and made choices among various virtual stimuli (e.g., avatars, virtual offices). In addition three behavioral tasks designed to measure Honesty-Humility were administered.
Relative weights analysis revealed that for most of the stimuli Honesty-Humility was the strongest predictor among the HEXACO traits for various virtual traces and behavioral measures.  
Due to limiting the study only to virtual traces, the findings may not be generalizable to other sources.
Research/Practical Implications:
The potential to infer Honesty-Humility from observable, non-self-report, data may be utilized to develop alternative measures of Honesty-Humility, and may be less subject to social desirable responding.
This is to our knowledge the first study to demonstrate that Honesty-Humility can be inferred from alternative sources of information, which may facilitate the use of VR technologies in personnel selection.


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