Th-SYM-472-3 - The Impact Of Error Management Culture On The Perception Of Organizational Change

Managing organizational change
1 hour
Organizational Change and Development
Managing organizational change
The impact of error management culture on the perception of organizational change
S. Helpap 1,*, S. Schiffmann 2
1Institute of Strategic and International Management, Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH), 2HR Controlling Corporate, Jungheinrich AG, Hamburg, Germany
Main Abstract Content: Purpose: Information on organizational change provides cues to develop new mental models and is directly associated with employees’ efficacy because a detailed understanding of implications is a prerequisite for action plans. During this process, companies’ error management culture (EMC) is crucial. EMC includes values differentiating between errors viewed as opportunities or threats. The disruption of existing mental models introduces novelty and uncertainty, which increases the likelihood of errors. Incomplete information and increased error likelihood are more accepted and buffer the perceived self-efficacy when errors are seen as learning opportunities. Thus, we propose an impact of EMC on employees’ perception of change information and their change efficacy.
Design/ Methods: We surveyed 127 employees experiencing an organizational change and performed regression analyses.
Results: Our results indicate that the relationship between information quality and employees’ change efficacy is moderated by EMC, suggesting higher levels of change efficacy in a distinct EMC compared to a weak EMC.
Limitations: Although the likelihood of common-method variance is low, it needs to be acknowledged that the collected data is based on self-reports.
Practical Implications: Change managers should stimulate a positive environment for errors in their change communication to help employees to cope with new tasks and requirements. We propose measures that facilitate a positive EMC.
Originality / Value: This study expands the current debate by considering EMC as an crucial influencing factor on change perceptions and using a mental model approach to explain how EMC fosters or restrains employees’ change efficacy.

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