Fr-SYM-491-3 - How Do Gender And Personality Affect Changes In Life, Work, And Leisure Satisfaction Around The First Parenthood?

Work-family balance
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Work-Life Interface
Work-family balance
How do gender and personality affect changes in life, work, and leisure satisfaction around the first parenthood?
L. Benardi 1, G. Potarca 1, G. Bollmann 1,*, J. Rossier, J. L. Gloor 2
1University of Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland, 2Technical University of Munich, Munich, Germany
Main Abstract Content: Purpose
Integrating personality and self-regulatory perspectives, we examine the moderating role of gender and personality on parents’ evolution of their satisfaction with different domains (i.e., life, work, leisure) within a window of three years before and after the birth of their first child.
Data come from 30 waves (1984-2013) of the German Socio-Economic Panel, comprising nearly 20,000 observations of 4,246 respondents (52.6% of women).
Preliminary random growth models show that life satisfaction increases before birth for women but not men, whereas it decreases for both in the years afterwards. Women’s job satisfaction decreases in the years preceding birth, before returning to its baseline level, whereas men’s job satisfaction was not affected. Trajectories of leisure satisfaction subtly differ for men and women. Furthermore, more neurotic parents experienced stronger changes in life and job satisfaction than less neurotic ones. Conscientiousness differently moderated women’s and men’s leisure satisfaction.
Each satisfaction domain was measured with one item.
Research/Practical Implications
Our results imply that gender and personality make people unequal in the challenges and opportunities they anticipate and adapt to surrounding the birth of their first child. Implementing organizational initiatives to reconcile first parenthood and professional careers ahead of child birth might especially benefit women’s work satisfaction.
The consequences of a first parenthood on the long-term evolution of satisfaction with work and leisure were poorly understood. Until now, existing evidence regarding the moderating role of personality on trajectories of satisfaction with various life domains around childbirth were not conclusive.


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