Th-SYM-637-4 - I Knew This Was Coming! The Dynamic Interplay Between Anticipation And Perception Of Psychological Contract Breaches

Psychological Contracts
Thursday May 18   04:15 PM to 05:15 PM (1 hour)
Employment relations
Psychological contracts
I knew this was coming! The dynamic interplay between anticipation and perception of psychological contract breaches
T. Vantilborgh 1,*, Y. Griep
1Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussel, Belgium
Main Abstract Content: We focus on the role of anticipated psychological contract breaches (PCBs), proposing that employees have beliefs about the likelihood that their employer will breach certain obligations. Anticipating PCBs may increase the likelihood of perceiving actual PCBs, because employees start to pay attention to cues that confirm their pre-existing beliefs. Simultaneously, perceiving PCBs may erode trust, which may increase the likelihood that employees will anticipate future PCBs.  
We performed an experience sampling study in which 53 employees completed daily surveys for five consecutive days. We used validated scales to measure PCB, feelings of violation, job satisfaction, and performance, and we used a single item to measure the likelihood of perceiving future PCBs.
Multilevel analyses revealed that PCB anticipation was positively related to perceptions of PCB and feelings of violation at a later point in time. Feelings of violation were positively related to anticipation of PCB at a later point in time. Anticipation of PCB explained variance in job satisfaction and performance, above and beyond perceptions of PCB and feelings of violation.
We demonstrate the dynamic relationship between anticipation and perceptions of PCBs. Moreover, anticipated PCBs influence satisfaction and performance, even in the abscence of actual PCBs. The main limitation of this study is the self-reported nature of the data.
This study is the first to examine anticipation of PCBs. We show that PCBs can have a lingering effect, as they reciprocally relate to anticipation of PCBs.

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