Th-SYM-637-5 - Development And Dynamics Of Psychological Contract And Work Engagement: A Longitudinal Study

Psychological Contracts
Thursday May 18   04:15 PM to 05:15 PM (1 hour)
Employment relations
Psychological contracts
Development and dynamics of psychological contract and work engagement: A longitudinal study
F. A. Klein 1,*, S. Raeder 1
1University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway
Main Abstract Content: This study explores the dynamics and development of the psychological contract in relationship to employee work engagement. The study aims to examine the nature of the development of work engagement and how this can be explained through trajectories of psychological contracts over time. This study can therefore reveal the relationship of the constructs across time and empirically identify are signs of stability or dynamism over time.  
The study uses a longitudinal design with 12 measurement waves during a year. Analysis was done with longitudinal multi-level analysis, which tolerates attrition across measurement waves. The sample consists of 100 respondents from a wide array of occupations in Norway.
The results show different patterns of development in trajectories of work engagement. Further, development in work engagement can largely be explained by the trajectories of psychological contracts.
Including time as a key variable with monthly measures, provides new insights and understandings of the rate of change and the shape of trajectories of the psychological contract and their influence on work engagement. Study limitations pertain to various patterns of attrition. Further, data were only collected from individuals and we therefore lack information about the employing organizations.
The longitudinal multi-level approach with monthly measures contributes to new theoretical insights on the dynamics and development of psychological contracts and work engagement in employees. 


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