Th-OR-S46-4 - Detachment And Concern In Human Service Work: A Moderated Mediational Approach To Client Stressors, Emotion Regulation And Burnout

Emotion regulation
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Thursday May 18   03:45 PM to 04:00 PM (15 minutes)
Emotion in the workplace
Emotion regulation
Detachment and concern in human service work: A moderated mediational approach to client stressors, emotion regulation and burnout
B. Lampert*, E. Palm 1, C. Unterrainer 1, C. Seubert 1, J. Glaser 1
1Institute of Psychology, UNIVERSITY OF INNSBRUCK, Innsbruck, Austria
Content: Purpose
In the human service field, emotionally charged interactions with clients at work play a central role for employee well-being. Employee detachment and concern are core components of Detached Concern - a health-promoting emotion regulation strategy in people-oriented work - and are important facets in ongoing client interactions at work. We explore the extent to which these two components are related to client demands and employees’ burnout.
Based on a three-wave survey, the data of 139 employees in different fields of human service work (e.g. nurses, teachers) were analysed using a moderated mediational approach.
Results of the moderated mediation analysis indicated that the positive relationship of time-1 client stressors on time-3 emotional exhaustion was partially mediated by time-2 detachment. Time-2 concern moderated this relationship marginally, so that the protective function of detachment between client stressors and emotional exhaustion was depleted when human service professionals showed lower concern at work.
The analysis draws exclusively upon self-reported survey data. Another limitation is the lack of organizational risk factors that contribute to burnout.
Research/Practical Implications
The findings suggest that client demands and burnout risk are not only related to employee detachment but also to employee concern. Therefore, it might be beneficial if research and health-promoting training also pay attention to the role of concern in the context of social stressors.
The study provides a differentiated perspective on the role of concern and detachment in the context of client stressors and their impact in terms of employee burnout.


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