Th-OR-S51-3 - Factors Influencing Organizational Citizenship Behaviour In Malaysia: Information Technology Professionals And Its Effects On Turnover Intentions

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Thursday May 18   03:30 PM to 03:45 PM (15 minutes)
Labor market issues
Factors Influencing Organizational Citizenship Behaviour in Malaysia: Information Technology Professionals and its Effects on Turnover Intentions
Z. H. R. Chan 1,*, P. Moharkonda 1
1Psychology, Sunway University, Bandar Sunway, Malaysia
Content: Two aims were proposed for this study. The first aim was to investigate the relationships of work locus of control (WLOC), perceived organizationsal support (POS) and perceived supervisor support (PSS) on organization citizenship behavior (OCB) and turnover intentions. The second aim explored how OCB mediates the relationship between POS and turnover intentions and the relationship between PSS and turnover intentions. Malaysian I.T employees (N = 126) were recruited to participate for the study. Participants were secured through 2 Malaysian I.T companies specializing in I.T investmens and solutions, supplemented by distribution of the measures through personal contacts. Five highly reliable scales were used to measure each of the varibales, and they include short forms of the Work Locus of Control Scale, Scale of Perceived Organizational Support, Scale of Perceived Supervisor Support, Organizational Citizenship Behavior Checklist, and Turnover Intentions Questionnaire. Correlation analyses from the study found a positive correlation between POS and PSS on OCB, and a negative correlation between POS and PSS on turnover intentions. Mediation analyses further found that OCB partially mediated the relationship between POS, PSS and turnover intentions. No significant correlations were found for WLOC and turnover intentions. The implications of the study were that Malaysian I.T companies should focus on improving orgnaizational and supervisor support in order to improve OCB and employee retention.


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