Th-OR-S54-1 - Hybrid Support Functions For Improvement Of Healthcare: Challenges And Strategies Of Regional Quality Registry Centres

Managing organizational change
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Thursday May 18   04:15 PM to 04:30 PM (15 minutes)
Organizational Change and Development
Managing organizational change
Hybrid support functions for improvement of healthcare: Challenges and strategies of regional quality registry centres
E. Granström 1,*, J. Hansson 1, V. Sparring 1, M. E. Nyström 1 2
1Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, 2Public Health and Clinical Medicine, Umeå university, Umeå, Sweden
Content: Purpose Measurements and feedback systems are essential to support and follow-up on quality improvement in healthcare. But how to actually use these measurements for improvement persists as a challenge. More empirical studies on the support needed are desired. This study investigated how regional support centres aided the use of information gathered in national quality registries (NQRs) to improve healthcare practices. The centres, geographically spread over Sweden, had a national and a regional mission. The aim was to investigate the strategies and challenges of such hybrid support structures with mixed missions.
Design/Methodology A multiple case study of six regional support centres based on qualitative data from interviews and documents analysed by content analysis. 
Results Strategies varied between aiding NQRs to become suitable for improvement to supporting healthcare organization’s use of NQRs, from being task or process oriented and taking on national responsibilities or responding to local initiatives. All centres engaged in Breakthrough inspired projects. Some used pre-existing concepts or collaborated with local development units. The main challenge was to overcome a lack of mandate in the healthcare organizations.
Limitations The views of actors in NQRs and healthcare organizations and detailed outcomes remain to be investigated.
Research/Practical Implications Support functions have to use a variation of strategies to reach relevant actors and achieve multiple missions. The study provides information on potential strategies and challenges of such functions that may aid decision makers.
Originality/Value The study provides insights into the strategies and challenges experienced by support functions with complex missions in healthcare. 


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