Th-OR-S7-3 - Please, Don´T Be Afraid Of Laughing At Work! The Moderating Role Of Gelotophobia Between Daily Events And Well-Being

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Positive organizational behaviour
Please, don´t be afraid of laughing at work! The moderating role of gelotophobia between daily events and well-being
A. Junça Silva*, A. Caetano 1, R. Rueff Lopes 2
1ISCTE - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL), Lisboa, Portugal, 2Business School, ESADE, Barcelona, Spain
Content: Purpose
Gelotophobia is a subclinical form of social anxiety. It has been defined as the fear of being laughed at and implies differences in humor reception. Every day, employees have to face diverse (positive and negative) humorous events. These events tend to arouse positive and negative affective reactions. The role of gelotophobia at work has been neglected, thus, we intend to analyze the role of gelotophobia on the relationship between humor events, affect and employees’ well-being.
We used a quasi-experimental study (2x2: high vs. low gelotophobia x recall of positive humor event vs. negative humor event) and we asked participants to recall humor episodes that have occurred in organizational context.
Results showed that gelotophobia moderates the relationship between humor events and affect, and this acts as a mediator of the relationship between humor events and well-being.
The sample size raises some concerns regarding the generalization of the data. The use of recalled events may have some memory bias.
Research/Practical implications
This research sheds light on the role that gelotophobia may play in inhibiting positive affect and enhancing negative affect prompted by humor events. Managers may find it useful to better manage their employees’ emotions.
This is the first study to examine gelotophobia as a buffer of the relationship between humor daily events and well-being at work.


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