Symposium 2332 - The Link Between Leadership And Organizational Climate - New Insights From Different Perspectives

Thursday May 18   11:30 AM to 01:00 PM (1 hour 30 minutes)
Organizational Structure, Culture and Climate
Organizational culture
The link between leadership and organizational climate - new insights from different perspectives
N. M. Junker 1,*, A. J. Kaluza 1
1Department of Social Psychology, Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany
Main Abstract Content: State of the Art: Behavior and leadership in organizations do not occur without context. However, the broader context of leadership has rarely been studied. Therefore, the five contributions of this symposium examine the link between leadership and different facets of organizational climate (OC).
New perspectives/Contributions: We use several approaches, including longitudinal designs and leader-follower dyads, to explore this important field. The first two studies focus on aspects of OC as antecedents of leadership. Kaluza and van Dick examine health climate as a prerequisite of health-promoting leadership, which in turn is positively associated with employee well-being. Leaders’ own well-being moderates this relation. Pundt et al. show that traditional climate positively relates to abusive supervision. They further demonstrate how external demands on the organization influence this relation. The third study by Junker and van Dick focuses on how female leaders with children are affected by family-friendly OC. This climate positively relates to marital satisfaction and career success. Person-Environment fit moderates this relation. The study by Hernandez Bark and van Dick looks at OC as moderator and mediator. They examine authentic leadership and how its effects on innovative work behavior and defensive silence are influenced by psychological safety climate and innovation climate. We conclude with a theoretical contribution: Schilling introduces the new concept of cynical OC and deduces how different leadership styles affect this concept.
Research/Practical Implications: The contributions show that it is important to look at different facets of OC from both a theoretical as well as a practical view.

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