Symposium 2394 - Team Leadership Supporting Team Processes In Different Contexts: Tackling Organisational Challenges With An Academic Approach

Group and team processes
Friday May 19   04:15 PM to 05:45 PM (1 hour 30 minutes)
Teams and workgroups
Group and team processes
Team Leadership Supporting Team Processes in Different Contexts: Tackling Organisational Challenges with an Academic Approach
S. van der Haar 1,*, H. van Mierlo 2
1Educational Research and Development, Maastricht University, Maastricht, 2Faculty of Social Sciences, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Main Abstract Content: State of the art
The impact of team leadership on team effectiveness is evident (e.g. Druskat & Wheeler, 2003; D’Innocenzo et al, 2015; Lorinkova et al, 2013; Benoliel & Somech, 2015). For many organizations however, designing and effectuating effective team leadership is a major challenge. This makes this scientific domain highly suitable for abductive inference (Mathieu, 2016), implying that a practical quest is tackled with scientific rigor and results are used to enrich and refine existing theory. This symposium explores different leadership approaches in different team contexts while building on organisational issues.
Four empirical studies conducted by researchers from diverse affiliations and nationalities illustrate the role and outcomes of various types of team leadership in different contexts. The presenters will highlight the organisational issue underlying their research. Koeslag investigates multiple leadership styles’ effects on team learning in university teacher teams with an innovative task. Hoven explores effective leadership behaviours in emergency management command-and-control teams. Van Mierlo addresses boundary-management behaviours displayed by team leaders and members of semi-autonomous teams in a large municipality. Dorta Afonso reports on how adaptive behaviours depend on leadership styles and the magnitude of change in firefighting teams. The symposium introduction and discussion explore the value and practice of contextual team leadership research based on abductive inference.
Research implications
The diversity in studied team types and their organisational issues foster a comparison of roles and outcomes of different types of team leadership across contexts. 


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