Symposium 2677 - (Inter-)National Standards For Assessment Center Operations: Similar But Different?

Selection methods
Friday May 19   01:15 PM to 02:45 PM (1 hour 30 minutes)
Employee Selection
Selection methods
(Inter-)National Standards for Assessment Center operations: Similar but Different?
S. Höft*, M. Sürmeli
Main Abstract Content: The “Guidelines and ethical considerations for Assessment Center operations” formed by an international taskforce had first been published in 1975 and revised five times in the sequencing years (6th edition 2015). In the meantime, a multitude of national AC standards (e.g. 1987: South Africa; 1992: Germany; 2002: Indonesia; 2004: United Kingdom; 2007: Switzerland; 2013: Russia; 2015: Turkey) had been formulated highlighting different priorities and demands. All these standards exist parallel to official international (ISO 10667) and national norms (e.g. the German DIN33430) covering general rules for personnel selection processes. This could be seen as an indication that AC standards are regarded as necessary to cover the specific characteristics of this assessment approach.
In 2015 Mehmet Suermeli presented at the ICOAC conference a first comparative analysis of six AC standards (international, German, Russian, South African, United Kingdom and Turkish guidelines). Based on more than 90 criteria he demonstrated that the national standards form separate profiles with emphasis on specific aspects of the AC process.
The symposium continues the work of Mehmet Suermeli on the basis of a multiperspective approach: Different experts for national standards (Baron: United Kingdom; Hoeft: Germany; Ingold&Annen: Switzerland; Kriek: South Africa; Suermeli: Turkey) present their view on the topic and highlight the unique features of their latest versions of national AC standards.
In the closing discussion, a special emphasis should be given to the conceptual overlap of general standards on one hand and (necessary?) national uniqueness on the other.


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