Symposium 273 - The Hexaco Model Of Personality At Work: New Insights And Research Findings

Emerging themes in I/O psychology
Friday May 19   04:15 PM to 05:45 PM (1 hour 30 minutes)
Emerging themes in I/O psychology
The HEXACO Model of Personality at Work: New Insights and Research Findings
R. De Vries 1,*, K. Lee 2
1Psychology, VU University, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2Psychology, University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada
Main Abstract Content: Personality research in I-O psychology has been revived since the early 1990s and the empirical evidence generally supports the usefulness of personality in various work contexts.  The plethora of personality research in I-O psychology is owed, in part, to the emerging consensus regarding the identity of the basic dimensions of personality, known as the Five-Factor Model (FFM, Costa & McCrae, 1992).
Despite the popularity of the FFM in I-O psychology, recent evidence (see Ashton, Lee, & De Vries, 2014) suggests that the FFM requires some important revisions, embodied by a six-dimensional personality model, namely the HEXACO model. This model, equipped with the new dimension named Honesty-Humility, has been found to be particularly useful in explaining some workplace criteria (e.g., counterproductive behaviors, workplace impression management, etc.).  
The purpose of the present symposium is to introduce six I/O psychological studies based on the HEXACO model to show its importance in predicting workplace variables. The symposium starts with a critical review of the use of the HEXACO model in the work context (Zettler & Hilbig), followed by empirical studies on organizational politics (Wiltshire & Lee), leadership emergence (Tan, Park, & Wee), work performance (Holtrop, Dunlop, & De Vries), behavior in a virtual game (Barends, De Vries, & Van Vugt), and the construction of a HEXACO-SJT to predict job performance (Oostrom, De Vries, & De Wit).  The presenters of the symposium come from 5 different countries representing 4 continents (Australia, Canada, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Singapore).

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