Symposium 292 - Internet-Based Occupational Health Interventions: Insights On Implementation, Effectiveness, And Evaluation

Workplace health promotion
Friday May 19   01:15 PM to 02:45 PM (1 hour 30 minutes)
O'Connor Theatre
Workplace health promotion
Internet-based Occupational Health Interventions: Insights on Implementation, Effectiveness, and Evaluation
D. Reis 1,*, J. de Bloom 2
1University of Koblenz-Landau, Landau, Germany, 2University of Tampere, Tampere, Finland
Main Abstract Content: State of the art: Internet-based interventions targeting mental health issues are becoming increasingly common in general health care for example to treat stress, depression, or sleep-related problems. Consequently, also internet interventions addressing the specific needs of working populations are emerging. They may offer an evidence-based, cost-effective, and convenient way to foster occupational health. Online interventions may supplement face-to-face treatments, or they may be implemented on their own. They represent promising approaches for promoting changes in experiences and behavior (e.g., to help employees build new skills and resources), offer excellent opportunities to track participants’ progress, higher accessibility, and improved retention.
Contributions: The aim of the symposium is to present internet-based occupational health interventions from Germany, Finland, and UK and describe the challenges and benefits concerning their implementation, acceptability, and evaluation. The first paper will present the underlying theoretical model, the development and the RCT-design of a smartphone app aiming at promoting vacation effects, whereas the second contribution will report the effectiveness of an online training designed to improve participants' well-being by promoting positive emotions and cognitions. The third presentation in this symposium will introduce an online acceptance and commitment therapy intervention for workplace stress in real-world settings. The fourth paper will focus on challenges and pitfalls of evaluating online (daily) interventions. Finally, the last presentation will describe recent meta-analytical findings on the effectiveness of web-based interventions.
Research Implications: The presentation of these five studies will stimulate the discussion about the potential, risks and the quality of internet-based occupational health interventions.


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