Symposium 327 - Contributions To The Integration Of Immigrants And Refugees In European Workplaces

Thursday May 18   01:15 PM to 03:15 PM (2 hours)
Intel Theatre
Global Issues
Contributions to the integration of immigrants and refugees in European workplaces
C. Balducci 1,* on behalf of EAWOP Executive Committee
1Political and Social Sciences, University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy
Main Abstract Content:  
State of the art: Europe is experiencing an influx of migrants and refugees unprecedented in recent decades, most of them escaping conflict zones such as Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan. It is plausible to expect that in two to three years several million refugees will have settled in Europe, seeking integration and employment. Finding a job is a gateway for immigrants and refugees to show their value and capacities to a receiving country, to rebuild their lives with dignity and ensure that they are empowered to find long-term solutions to their displacement.
Contribution: Psychological knowledge and interventions aimed at helping immigrants and refugees have so far mostly concentrated on trauma and general mental health treatment. There is a need to broaden such knowledge and interventions to include work-related issues. The work role is central to the identity and mental health of individuals, long known through the work of Marie Jahoda, and is also crucial in the integration process of immigrants and refugees. To mark the EAWOP 25th anniversary the Executive Committee (EC) has launched in November 2015 a special call for proposals aimed at “Contributions to the integration of immigrants and refugees in European workplaces”. Six projects concerning research and practice oriented initiatives have been funded in the context of the special call.
Implications: The symposium will document the results achieved by the six projects. In doing so, it will show how work and organizational psychologists may directly contribute with their work to the integration of immigrants and refugees in Europe.


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