Symposium 629 - Exploring The Boundaries Of Psychological Contract Research: Part 2 - Empirical And Practical Challenges

Psychological Contracts
Friday May 19   04:15 PM to 05:45 PM (1 hour 30 minutes)
Employment relations
Psychological contracts
Exploring the boundaries of psychological contract research: Part 2 - Empirical and practical challenges
T. Vantilborgh 1,*, Y. Griep
1Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussel, Belgium
Main Abstract Content: Following up on our “Exploring the boundaries of psychological contract research: Part 1 Theoretical and conceptual challenges”, we believe that the introduction of new theories and models to the field of Psychological Contracts (PC) (Rousseau, Hansen, & Tomprou, 2016; Tomprou, Rousseau, & Hansen, 2015), also created several empirical and practical challenges for researchers who are studying the PC and its underlying mechanisms. For example, what is the time scope in which phases or post-violation reactions emerge, evolve, and disappear? How should scholars assess changes in PC phases or post-violation reactions over time, and what methodological and/or analytical techniques are required to do so?
The five presentations introduce the challenges encountered when dealing with (1) response bias (Linde & Sonono), (2) managers’ sensemaking processes, which potentially results in PC breach (Collard & Fortin), (3) sequences of mutual exchanges (de Jong et al.), (4) theory development to explain supervisors’ evaluations of promised and delivered contributions (Brekashvili et al.), and (5) the role of triggering events to understand how the PC operates in a dynamic way (Wiechers et al.).  
All five presentations will discuss one or more empirical and/or practical challenges they faced when conducting their research, as well as to explain how they dealt with these specific challenges. By doing so, we hope to illustrate how these recent theoretical advancements in PC Theory can be investigated empirically, as well as exchange best practices and advice on how to deal with the associated challenges.

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