Symposium 846 - Stimulating Creativity: Matching Individual Differences And Situational Factors

Team work, creativity and innovation
Thursday May 18   04:15 PM to 05:45 PM (1 hour 30 minutes)
Teams and workgroups
Team work, creativity and innovation
Stimulating Creativity: Matching Individual Differences and Situational Factors
K. De Jonge*, M. Van Damme
Main Abstract Content: State of the Art: Modern organizations need to stimulate employee creativity if they are to thrive in an ever changing world and stay ahead of competitors. They can do so through employee selection or training, and by providing the right circumstances that help employees generate highly creative ideas. In this symposium, we will show that both individual differences and situational factors can explain when creative performance is most likely to occur.
New Perspectives/Contributions: All presentations in the symposium adopt a highly novel perspective, or address questions that have thus far been neglected. In the first presentation, Roskes shows how individual differences in approach and avoidance motivation relate to creative performance under various types of constraints in the workplace. In the second presentation, Baas shows how various mindfullness skills are differently related to individual and group creativity. In the third presentation, Rietzschel explains how the seemingly incompatible demands for creativity and work standardization may be reconciled for employees in an innovative organization. In the fourth talk, Eckartz shows how payment-schemes effect creative performance and effort. In the fifth talk, De Jonge goes into the topic of brainstorming, and shows that individual differences in psychological needs moderate the effectiveness of cognitive stimulation ideas.
Research/Practical Implications: This symposium on creativity is intended to serve as a catalyst for future research. Given that creativity and cognitive stimulation are highly valued, yet do not unfold in the same way for everybody, a deeper understanding of the individual and situational factors surrounding creativity is clearly needed.


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