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Saturday May 20   11:30 AM to 12:30 PM (1 hour)
Elan Theatre
Sa-SOA-7 - The Psychology Of The Internet @ Work: A Conceptual Framework Based On Core Task Characteristics
Technology, work-design and human-machine-systems
The Psychology of the Internet @ Work: A Conceptual Framework Based on Core Task Characteristics
G. Hertel 1,*
1Institute of Psychology, University of Münster, Münster, Germany
Content: Purpose
The commercial rise of the Internet has caused fundamental changes in the way we work, and how work is organized. Popular concepts such as e-leadership, online-recruiting, or virtual teamwork reflect the growing influence of the Internet in almost every field of work and organizational psychology. However, psychological research only slowly embraces this trend, often focusing on discrete technologies rather than integrating Internet-based work into existing theories of work and organizational psychology. This presentation introduces a conceptual framework to structure both existing research and practical applications in this vibrant and constantly changing field.
The framework is derived based on a systematic task analysis of Internet-based work as compared to traditional work conditions. Implications are discussed in light of a review of the literature and initial empirical findings.
The task analysis of Internet-based work revealed five core characteristics that provide both challenges and chances for individual workers, for work organizations, and for social societies.  
Structure and implications of the conceptual model have to be validated in empirical studies.
Research/Practical Implications
More psychological research is needed, and the existing research should be better integrated. Academic research often lags way behind the development of new technologies in this field. In addition to reacting to current technological trends, work and organizational psychology can also provide conceptual guidance for the development of future Internet-based technologies, enabling true change through work & organizational psychology.
This is one of the first theory-driven reviews on the psychological implications of the Internet at work.


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