Fr-INV-SYM6-3 - Making Regulation Better – How Can Psychologists Help?

Invited Symposium
Friday May 19   04:15 PM to 05:15 PM (1 hour)
Elan Theatre
Contribution 2
Making regulation better – how can psychologists help?
Douglas Bilton, Assistant Director of Standards and Policy, Professional Standards Authority
Regulation of health and social care in the UK is in need of a radical overhaul if it is to support rather than stand in the way of the serious changes being proposed for the UK’s health and care services. We will not be able to change health and care unless we also change the way it is regulated. This talk examines the need for change and how psychologists can assist and inform regulators. I highlight ‘right-touch’ regulation principles, to consider better what regulation can and can’t do to control the risk of harms, to deregulate in some areas and focus regulation more effectively in others. There is a need for regulators to remove barriers between professions and create new roles. Currently health and care regulation is incoherent and expensive, with little evidence for its effectiveness; if it was going to improve care it would have done so by now. It’s time to rethink regulation.

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